Friday, July 8, 2011


The word treasure means quite a few things to quite a few people.  In this sense, for me, it means a bargain at a yard sale.  Hubby and I have "done" yard sales most of our lives and have found an abundance of "treasures" throughout our 28 years of marriage.  On the recent 4th of July holiday, instead of doing things with friends/family (we had Jeff's birthday w/e beforehand while Lacy was here) we opted to do a little yard sale hopping while we were on the way to his office.  He had to p/u some work to bring home.  We found an almost new pair or luggage pieces at one yard sale in Smithsburg and then when we arrived in Hagerstown we stopped at another a few blocks from his office.  That is where I found this beautiful cart and quite tarnished tea set, along with a couple of very nice baskets.  We were quite fortunate while we were out that day!

When we lived in Belgium (first time 90-93 and second time 96-2002) they had wondrous flea markets-which are called Marche au Puce.  They had everything!  There were also 2nd hand sales which were termed "Brocantes" but they could not be in their front yards or garages.  It was illegal to do that so you had to go to one of the ones that is permanently set up on a certain day of the week to vend your goods or find one that was done on a certain date in your area and tote alllllllllll  your inventory to that place to have your sale.  It must have been a pain in the tush to do all that and I am very glad that we have the freedoms that we have and do not have to tote it to a certain location, most of the time.  I found so many wonderful items at brocantes and marches au puces.  It is quite easy to find fine linens, cut crystal, silver flatware and serving utensils along with all sorts of wonderful antiques with character for your home.  We had an abundance of crates when we moved back to the U.S. in 2002 and were almost over our moving allowance limit, but we shaved it close!  Didn't have to pay extra. 

One last awesome event was jour du encombrantes.  In short, it was a day, set aside by each city or village and they would come by and pick up items that you had set out by the side of the road, in front of your house.  I found soooooooooooo many wonderful things this way!  From the lace for the canopy above the bed in the garden room and the lace on the edges of the handmade curtains to some old suitcases that I stacked together in the Americana room, found a couple of leather belts at the good will store, and strapped them together for a whimsical nightstand.  Both are shown on this page  

The way that I came up with the name, Nostalgic Dreams, was not hard at all.  It encompasses all we are here.  We love to show congeniality and care.  We love to have older items (vintage) in our home that were lovingly and carefully packed to display and share with all who enter.  And lastly, we like to think and have ways of days before.  We love to show hospitality and share with all who enter our home.  We believe that is why we are all here.

*hugz n blessings*


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