Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Blue Ridge Summit Library

If you remember, last month I promised you at least one item per month for surrounding area events and places and this month I am proud to introduce you to:

The Blue Ridge Summit, PA Free Library.

Blue Ridge Summit PA Free Library

According to http://brsfl.org/index.htm, "The Blue Ridge Summit Free Library was organized and opened in September 1922 by the late Miss Mary Norwood.  For twenty-six years it was housed in a room on the second floor of the Parish House of the Church of the Transfiguration on Summit Avenue, Blue Ridge Summit and is now housed in a historic train station along active railroad tracks near the Mason Dixon Line

The station was built in 1911.  From 1872 to 1957, the station provided passenger service to Blue Ridge Summit.  In 1958, the railroad presented the deed to the station and 1 1/2 acres of land to Mrs. Robert Hearne, President of the Board of Directors of the library, with the following statement:  "In the tradition of the good neighbor, the Western Maryland family deeds to all the families of Blue Ridge Summit this familiar community meeting place...to be used as a free public library, thus continuing in a cultural sense the close relationship between the railroad and the people."  

The library serves communities in both Maryland and Pennsylvania.  The history of the Blue Ridge Summit Free Library is a history of community cooperation and good will that has prevailed since its founding.

Each year in July, the library holds a book sale and ice cream fund raiser in order to keep the library going along with several community events.   I am so proud to be able to call this area home now and hope that you will share in our growing heritage.

*Hugz and Blessingz*

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