Saturday, July 9, 2011


I can't find my way out!  lol  Baskets are everywhere!  I haven't told you much about my best friend, Lacy, but he just left after visiting a couple of weeks ago.  He lives in Tennessee and is married and is the bestestest friend in the world.  (is that a word?)  Anyway, Lace and I met on the internet over two years ago.  Long story short, we ended up being best friends.  I am so grateful for his friendship.  He and Jeff get along awesomely and the kids call him Uncle Frilly.  (Well Connor does anyway.) Lacy knew that I was trying to get into the gift basket business and he fell into a basket windfall over a year ago and brought the last load to me when he visited.  I must say, I have never seen so many baskets in my life but I goaded him into trying yard sales and he is as hooked on them as I am!  I have begun to sort them and wash them in small amounts but this is gonna be one long task.  My attic has just about this many in it as well so I am going to be sort for baskets for a good long while.  Jeff said I needed to rename my business "The Basket Case".  *smile*  I am so very fortunate and blessed in my life.  God has been so awesome to me!  By the way, I intend on filling the baskets and selling them at the bazaars that I am set to do so please come by.  These are "imported" baskets! ~From Tennessee~

*hugz n blessings*

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