Sunday, April 3, 2011

Spring Finally On the Way?

We have had some really funky weather lately.  It snowed most of the end of the week but alas, NONE of it stuck.  Yeah!  I am so very ready for spring to arrive.  I have seedlings coming up and am ready to get out in the garden and get dirty.  Right now it is so mushy that heading that direction isn't even possible.  Hopefully the sun will come out soon enough to get the sod dried up a little bit. 

Still working on projects for the Fort Ritchie Community Center Bazaar next Saturday.  I am really looking forward to it.  I haven't worked a bazaar since we lived in Belgium and am a little nervous to say the least.  Hopefully I will be able to manage things with my friend Susan's help.  She has promised to help me that day and I am so very blessed! 

Well, off to laundry today.  I will post this week's recipe in a bit.  Hope you enjoy your week!

*hugz n blessings*

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