Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Let's Make Some Yogurt!!

Do you like yogurt?  Have you ever tried making your own?  When we lived in Belgium I became hooked on yogurt and started making my own and have ever since.  It's not that I don't like "Dannon" and "Yoplait" but when you make your own, you can add whatever ingredients that you like to it such as sweetener, granola, berries, the sky (or your tummy) is the limit.  Plus the fact that it is all natural and there are no preservatives so you know exactly what is in there.  Here are the instructions for the YoLife brand of yogurt maker.  There are several different types so please do a little research and find one that fits you.  I like these because they have the individual little pots and the fact that I can wipe out the inside of the warming area with a wet rag when it gets dirty.  

First you will need to round up all the ingredients that you will use in your recipe.  I have my measuring cup, my individual little pots, my yogurt maker, my YoLife yogurt starter, measuring spoons, a ladle and a thermometer.

Next you will measure out the required amount of milk for yogurt maker's yogurt making process.  I use skim milk.  Bring the milk just to boiling, stirring constantly so that it won't scald.  Immediately take it off of the heat when it reaches boiling then insert your yogurt thermometer.  
After the milk has cooled down to where it is between the marked red area on your yogurt thermometer you will then measure out your yogurt starter or use plain yogurt.  I usually use yogurt starter (I purchase it through YoLife) because it keeps in the refrigerator indefinitely.  After measuring out the starter, stir it into the warm milk while the temperature is still within the "zoned" area on the thermometer.  After stirring it in, you can now ladle it into individual containers or one larger container then place the container(s) of yogurt into the yogurt maker.  It just depends on what you desire.

After 12 hours of "cooking", take them out of the yogurt maker and let them sit on the counter as they will be a tad warm.  Place them in the fridge when they are cooled and they will keep in the fridge for about a week.  
And voila!  You have your yogurt!  Add whatever yummy ingredients that you like.  My kids liked to mix berries with it and blend it in the blender for a smoothie.  

*hugz n blessings*

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