Monday, January 9, 2012

Springtime in Winter

Hello everyone!  
I know it is almost the middle of January and for some of you the weather is downright UCKY (?) outside with snow up to your elbows, so...I thought I would add a little whiff of springtime to your dreary, colorless wintertime.  

The photos I have below are from a wonderful place by the name of Keukenhof Gardens and it is located in Lisse, The Netherlands.  Keukenhoff is the largest flower bulb park in the world and there are over 7 million bulbs planted by hand, each year making it an exquisite and aromatic stop on your European journey. The park is 32 hectares (around 30 acres) and there are over 15 kilometers (about 9 miles) of foot paths to view each and every different portion.  I honestly believe that God smiles when He looks down in this area and takes a huge sniff of the air.  

Jeff (hubby) and I were stationed in Belgium for 9 years and each year in April, he would take me to visit Keukenhof.  We would mostly travel by car (only a couple of hours where we lived in Belgium) and when we arrived annually we were inundated by the wonderful smell that permeates the air, when we left the car at the car park.  

Keukenhof is sectioned off into different areas a few of them being a children's petting area (beautiful peacocks, goats, cows, etc) and there is an indoor area where you can look at the different scenes created by the local growers, most of them involving bulbs of one sort or another.  

In each planted area, there is a plaque stated what sort of plant/bulb is resting there so you are able to visit one of the little kiosks there and order bulbs to be shipped to your favorite destination upon planting time.  Yes, you read it right, they ship world-wide.  They are marvelous to work with as well and speak excellent English.  Some of the people that work there are dressed up in local costume and there are beautiful swans, ducks and other fowl in the ponds and near the fountains.  It is truly a sight to behold.  

I do so hope that you are able to visit there at some point and time.  You will truly want to return each and every year when it changes again.

*hugz n blessings*


  1. Ahhhh.... Sweet Spring! I can see it over the horizon... Ahhhhhhh!

  2. I can't wait for spring this year to be honest!

  3. oh..what lovely memories for us in your photos, we visited the keukenof two years ago..and of course Martin has visited many times..a truly inspiring place and as you say the perfume from all those hyacinth fields was just divine..thanks for popping in to see us.xx Kay