Monday, July 18, 2011

Wow! It is hot out here today!

I can't believe it.  It is 92 degrees out here today.  It is warm but with the ceiling fans going it isn't too bad.  I hope I don't have to turn on the a/c later on today.  I probably will need to when I start dinner because I don't want to heat the house up anymore than it might be already.  We haven't had any rain for a bit so I have to ensure that I don't forget to water the outdoor plants.  My jalapenos and peppers are coming up wonderfully and the cherry tomatoes are coming out but haven't turned the cherry color yet.  GRRR.  They probably will in the next few days as it is supposed to rain a sprinkle or two tomorrow.  It will be nice for God to water a bit for a change.  I hope the weather isn't too warm where you are, and if it is, I hope you have a way to have some circulated air or cooler air.  Heat stroke is a serious thing.  Don't take it lightly. 

*hugz n blessings*

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