Wednesday, July 20, 2011

We Finally Had a Bit of Rain

I couldn't believe my ears yesterday when I heard this HUGE thunderclap.  God opened up Heaven and it poured like crazy, along with the rest of the storm.  I am not one to complain when this happens as we need it here.  It usually isn't this warm and dry.  We had quite a bit of rain in the spring and when summer hit, I think the rain clouds got lost somewhere else.  The  worst thing though is the heat.  We hardly ever have the heat that we have had lately but at least there is a breeze occasionally to help us through and most of the time the humidity is not too high. My son, Connor, works in the heat quite a bit so I try and ensure that he has plenty of water and comes in occasionally for a break.  Heat exhaustion/stroke are serious things that can take a permanent toll on your body so it is best to avoid that situation if at all possible.  I am enclosing a link so that you can check it out and see what steps you need to take so that you have things safely under control.  Stay safe, cool and hydrated.

*hugz n blessings*

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