Monday, March 28, 2011

Back in the Saddle

Okay, after a week of not feeling too great I am back in the saddle, err...on the treadmill and working out.  I love the feeling that I get when I am able to do this.  There are days when I wake up and I have to?  But...I do, I really do need to do this.

I have two weeks until the Fort Ritchie Community Center Bazaar on April 9th and I am still working hard at putting things together.  I haven't done a bazaar in years so it is a little difficult trying to see what I need to do and how much I need to do.  I don't want to overdo but I don't want it to look bleak either.  I will keep pressing forward.  I am not going to be entered into the summer bazaar at the Heritage Festival because I have other plans.  I wish I could clone myself but alas, nope, not gonna happen.  The world only needs one of me! 

I am also still working on getting the hang of this new blog system.  I will be replacing the other two pages (recipe AND blog page) with this one.  That way I won't have to take down the pics or the recipes each week.  Wish me luck. 

Well, I need to get to work.  Have a groovy day and God bless you!  *hugz n blessings*

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