Monday, March 4, 2013

Having Fun with New Friends

Is there something that you would absolutely LOVE to do but haven't taken the time nor wanted to put out the funds to make it happen?  I certainly have and what I did on Saturday was one of those very things- I took a painting class!  

It just so happens that a friend that had run a business in Waynesboro, PA a few years back was giving the class and it was on the very thing that I wanted to learn to do which was... learn to paint furniture.  Her name is Melissa and she is a CeCe Caldwell's representative.  She gives the classes in the wintertime at her home but in the other months at a warehouse in Hagerstown, Maryland.  She is a very talented woman and is as sweet as the apple pie that she had served that day.  Wanna see what we did and meet the rest of the class?  Come on and I'll show ya!

First we all met by introducing ourselves, Melissa, then Patti, Ellen and lastly myself.  Melissa was so sweet, she made some apple pastries and had coffee and tea to serve us as we got started.  We painted our base coats on everything and left them to dry while we worked on our next projects.

We worked for a few hours then took a break for lunch.  

Melissa had prepped and had a wonderful lunch made for us.  
Doesn't it look yummy?!

ENJOYING lunch!  lol  Love you Melissa!  *smile*

Our Projects While Drying

We had a guest pop by while we were hard at work, this is Sam and she is a friendly young lady!

This was our final project that we worked on, it is a chalkboard in a picture frame and we used CeCe Caldwell's paints to create the chalkboard.  I then went to The Graphics Fairy Blogspot and I downloaded, printed and traced this graphic onto my chalkboard with tracing paper then hand painted it.  Now I can tell my bed and breakfast guests what we are serving the next morning for STYLE!  lol  Here is the link for the graphic should you decide to do it.  As always, contact me if you have questions and I will do what I can to help!

Finished Chalkboard Menu Project

All in all we had such a good time, learned, laughed, blushed and met new friends. I would do it again in a heartbeat and look forward to my next learning session.  I was truly blessed to meet my new friends and reconnect with Melissa, I had fun!

PS: Here's Melissa's website and facebook page, pop by and say hi!

*hugz n blessingz*


  1. Omgoodness. .I would love to of been there with you girls. OMGOSH perfect day and the finished chalkboard looks fab...I love it all. LOOKS like so much fun girl

    1. I wish you could have as well, Sherry, I think you would have had fun. It was extra groovy just because there were only three of us in the class. Thanks, I had fun making the chalkboard! Love ya!