Sunday, October 21, 2012

Two Weeks Later

Drs. Small and DiMarco

Well, it has been just 16 days since my surgery...

and I wanted to share a few things with you.  I was cautious about the whole event leading up to and including that day.

 I was the second surgery that day for my surgeons (Dr. Small and Dr. DiMarco- I call them the dynamic duo!) and they were kind enough to stop by my cubicle before I went in that morning to check on me and to let me take a pic for you.  My surgery was only a couple of hours with no complications.  I was wheeled to my room and was then given a morphine push along with an iv drip and allowed to have 8 oz of ice chips every 8 hours and it was that way until the last morning when I got a cherry popsicle- Woot! lol.

I had to have help with everything I did because of the areas where the ptrocars were inserted, since they have to go through the stomach muscle it takes more effort to do some of the things that needed.  I was so grateful for the help, trust me.  It was nice to leave on October 7th, I wanted to get home-I felt I could heal better there w/o the iv, etc.  

Moving forward to the 12th

I had my check in with Dr. Small (on the left) and he said that I was healing well.  I weighed in and had already lost 30.3 pounds in one week.  I about fell out!  I started crying actually.  I have my next weigh in/check up on November 2nd and will keep you tuned in on my progress.

I just started my pureed food stage yesterday (October 20th) and I am so glad.  I was given a mini blender (kind of like a shake blender) and I love it!  I make my protein shakes with it and also blend my "baby food".  :o)  Sad being 48 and eating the same thing that my grandson, Stratton eats, but it's all for the best in the end.  I am also finished with the hydrocodone that they gave me for pain but am still on the celebrex.  I am off of one of my high blood pressure meds * yeah!* and am doing just fine.  I can also get bathe and dressed by myself now and am cooking a little bit too.  I have been walking and am even going to the store the afternoon with hubby to get some more goodies for my new regime.  

If you are thinking of having the roux en y operation, I ask you to look into it fully before you make a decision.  It takes months of prep work including doctors' visits, psychologists, dieticians, pulmonologists, cardiologists, tests, tests and more tests.  I had my surgery exactly 10 months from the start of my first information session.  I won't lie, there have been times where I was in severe pain, it is't easy or fun, but, the outcome is changing me, even more quickly than I had ever imagined.  I will post a new pic when I update from the doc visit on the 2nd.  

Thank you for sharing in this journey with me and thank you to Felicity Fields for helping me to fill in my blog occasionally when I am "out for the count".  Until next time.

*hugz n blessings*

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  1. I'm proud of you and YES I can definitely see a difference already in your face!! Love you. Mom