Sunday, March 25, 2012


I don't know about you but I have found a wonderful site that provides inspiration of all aspects by the name of Pinterest.  Pinterest is a site where you create a personal area which you create "boards" on, in order to "pin" items to them both from the Pinterest site itself AND from the internet.  It doesn't take rocket science to use and will provide HOURS of entertainment IF you let it.  I know this from experience.  lol  

My username on Pinterest is NostalgicDream1 and you are more than welcome to "follow" my pins when you create your own boards.  The way that it works is:  You contact Pinterest and tell them that you would like an account and they will in turn contact you with log-in information so that you can create your own Pinterest account.  After this is done, they provide you with a little bit of information that you can "pin" or move to your bar just below the page url and then all you do when you are out browsing is click that button and it will provide all the photos on the page for you where you "pin" it to the desired "board" you have created.  I have several boards, "Words of Wisdom" that I put sayings onto, "Nummies" is where I put all my recipes that I find and want to keep track of on the net, "My Style" is where I put anything that sends me over the top and really speaks to me.  I also have one for "Art", one for "General DIY" and so on, you get the idea.  

I have added the links to my categories should you like to go check things out before you jump in with both feet.  I hope you enjoy the different tastes and sites from all over our universe that are included there.  

*hugz n blessings*


  1. I just LOVE pinterest. I am totally addicted to it. =)

  2. I am as well. Perhaps we should start a PA (Pinterest Anonyomous)Group! lol