Thursday, November 10, 2011

Who'll give me five, give me five, give me five....SOLD!

I don't know about ya'll but I LOVE to be able to find treasures and the treasures I speak of are of are vintage/antique items from more simplistic days-NOSTALGIC things that make me think of past times in my life that I miss.  There are sooooooooo many different ways to find these items, on Craigslist, in the newspaper, on, word of mouth, yard sales, garage sales AUCTIONS!!!   Recently I found a wonderful dry sink that we are going to use as a drink area in the living room when we have company.  I found the sink at an online auction that was actually being held down the mountain from us in Waynesboro, PA.  It was on a website that sends me updates daily for auctions within a set number of my house in Cascade, MD so it was easy to go pick it up when the auction was over.  I actually bid on a de-thatcher for the yard for $2 but I lost out on that.  The dry sink is so well built and perfect for what I need so I put my initial bid on it for $3 and it stayed like that for the longest time but then as time wore on for the rest of the week and into the next, it went up.  I eventually was able to pick it up for $35; a steal in my eyes!  Anyway, the sink is above.  I am going to put some white Annie Sloan Chalk Paint on it and paint the hardware black so that it will match my living room.  I love the copper inset and it is perfect for the drink situation we are wanting.  I can't believe I am so lucky.

You can also try your hand at auctions.  The easiest way to find them in your area is by logging onto and filling in the blanks.  I set mine to show auctions that are within 30 miles of where I am living, so I don't have to travel far.  You can choose the distance that you would like to go.  It will then show you the calendar and you choose what days/auctions that you would like to attend.  Once you arrive at your location, you will have to check in with the office so you can bid and you just wait for the action to begin!  I go a little early so I can preview everything and make sure things are up to the quality that I desire and I suggest you might take a little time to do that as well.  Some places have the preview the day before.  I can't do that though as I usually don't have the vehicle here at our house, hubby and son drive in together, so I try and make it easy on myself and do it all at one time.

I will post a pic on here when I am able to get to painting my little treasure and I hope that you get out and try something new like auctions.  Don't be intimidated...just have fun!

*hugz n blessings*

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