Thursday, November 3, 2011

I did it, I did it! Actually, WE did it!

Well, here ya go, here are a few pics of my booth at the Women's Club of Hagerstown's Fall Fest Bazaar.  I thought I would share a few of them with you so you could see a little more of what I do.  I made quite a few contacts and a few new friends!  The bazaar was originally slated to be held on the 29th of October but we had a freak snowstorm and EVERYTHING was closed so it was postponed until the next day.  I didn't know if we would even be able to get out of our driveway much LESS off of the mountain with 13+ inches of snow here but we actually did it.  You notice I keep using the word WE a lot I hope.  Well, hubby was gracious enough to go with me on Sunday to help out.  I couldn't do it without him or Lacy; both are my business partners in a way.  Jeff and I have known each other for 29 years next week-he proposed to me in basic training- and he has put up with all of my ideas and schemes, all to which I am so very happy to have been able to share with him.  Lacy is my "silent" business partner who lives in Tennessee and he helps me out to no end with ideas, positive thoughts, a few things for the shop, etc.  I don't know what I would do without him either.  I am so grateful.  

Just thought I would share my dreams with you as they become a reality.   

Oh, btw, I have a new friend and her name is Debbie, I met her and her husband, Rick on Sunday.  They are so adorable.  Rick is the brawn behind Debbie's brains and he creates silver brooches, pins, bookmarks, key fobs, etc!  They just began not long ago and I hope that Debbie sends me a pic so I can share her items with you as well.  She is the actually the one who took these wonderful photos.  What a gem.  You know...I think this is why God put us all here, so that we can get to know and fellowship with one another, in different forms and fashions.  Thanks for stopping by today.

*hugz n blessings*

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