Sunday, September 25, 2011

Hanging Out With Friends

Wow!  It has certainly been a crazy month around here.  I know it isn't October 1st but I am itching to get back to "life as it was" and want to get back into my groove again as well.  I spent some time with some wonderful friends from Belgium and my good friend Lacy.  My Belgian friends come about once a year or so and we always seem to have a pretty good time at whatever we are doing.  This time they took me to Nashville with them and we hung out there for a week.  The Wyndham Resort was a really nice place to stay and we visited several sites while we were there.  I learned a lot as well about some history of which I had no idea when we visited The Hermitage.  We had dinner at the Wild Horse Saloon one night and went by Tootsie's-a famous honky tonk where we listened to hopeful singers.  We also toured the Jack Daniels' and the George Dickel distelleries (no, we didn't sample the wares) then toured Lacy's home town.  And... there was the Ryman brought back several memories when we toured.  I must say, it was a wonderful week in Nashville and three weeks with friends.  I hope yours went just as well.  I have oodles to catch up on around here but am going to jump into my crafts with both feet as I was inspired and came home with oodles of ideas! 
Lacy at the Wild Horse Saloon
Marcel at the Condo
Cecile in the Car 
*hugz and blessings*

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