Saturday, July 2, 2011

We Are Family

 Here are a couple of my babies.  The orange one is Josie (on my pillow when she isn't outside) and the black one is Midnight (who is on my bed anywhere most of the time).  Not pictured is the elusive puddy tat by the name of Precious.  She is a mottled color between mom and dad (left) and is out of doors mostly (along with mom).  She doesn't come in but to get a bite to eat and drink and then heads out again.

Precious and Josie have a goal, to rid the mountain of each and every rodent that populates it.  Midnight's mission is to cuddle.  He does that best and I think might even win awards for it if they had them.

Josie is the oldest, we had her when we had our house bunny by the name of Napoleon and also the reason that she is called Josephine.  Get it?  I know it was bad but they were a complicated couple as well.  Midnight obviously is next in line and then Precious.  We love our cats.  They are part of our little family and the only children that will still be here after our son Connor goes off to Hawaii Pacific University this fall.  They are also the reason that when you come to visit us and stay in the bed and breakfast, we ask that you leave your fuzzy babies where they are safe and happy, as ours don't tend to like to share and we also do not have accommodations for extra fuzzy loved ones.  We hope that you understand.

I hope that you have a safe and wonderful Saturday.

*hugz n blessings*

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