Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Usually I am not a complainer (except in my mom's eyes-j/k Mom) but it has been awhile since we have had a good, long, RAIN here on our mountain.  My daisies (to the left) are making out okay, but I know they and their buddies i.e. other flowers in the bed, would love a bath.  I have been watering occasionally but with the price of water here, I can't afford to bathe them in a luxurious shower.  I have Cherokee in my blood so I believe that maybe one of my ancestors may have been able to do some sort of a rain dance, but I am not going there.  Trust me.  And you don't want me to either! lol  These daisies are called "Becky" and I planted them in honor of Jeff's cousin.  When we first moved here in 2002, she, her husband Tim and their daughter, Rayleigh were the first ones to visit us.  They even brought a house warming prezzie...a vintage wicker settee for our porch!  I still have it and use it daily.  I have a cute little throw quilt on it that my mother in law sent to me for Christmas.  It looks adorable!  Well, I need to head out.  Making ahem..."Horny Dinosaur Chicken" tonight.  Don't ask.  I will put it on my blog tomorrow so you can enjoy it...along with the reasoning behind the name.

*hugz and blessings*

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